In a typical health care facility staff, patients and even the equipment they use, move around frequently. In this kind of mobile environment, the ability to quickly locate people and equipment contributes to greater efficiency, improved workflow , better security and minimized loss of material. Vyassoft's cost effective RTLS (Real Time Location System) system with infrared signal technology can be used by hospitals to achieve this ability.

Vyassoft welcomes strategic partnerships with businesses ranging from large institutions to small companies. Vyassoft will provide tools, design and evaluation kits, documentation and consulting support to our partners to adopt Vyassoft's state of the art RTLS platform , asset tracking software , active RFID and Tag technologies in to their application or product.

Introducing new IR asset tag VTG-IR-200 with long battery life

The new VTG-IR-200 tag was designed to reduce the cost of battery replacement. A battery life of more than 7 years is expected under typical conditions.