RTLS ( Real Time Location System ) Platform Overview

In Vyassoft RTLS, a small coin cell powered tag is attached to an asset that need to be tracked. A Router which broadcasts periodically a location beacon is plugged into the wall outlet in each room and also in sections of hallways. When an asset comes into a room or moves to a section of hallway, the tag attached to the asset will hear the beacon and then transmits back to the router the beacon identification as well its own tag identification, thus basically giving the current location information of the asset to the router . The router then forwards this information securely to a central cloud based server which stores this information along with time stamp in a database server. A REST API web interface to this database allows applications to retrieve and present tracking information to users. Vyassoft has developed a rich, google map like user interface in which the locations of assets can be queried and displayed over the floor plans of the facility.

Accurate RTLS

Vyassoft uses Infra Red (IR) technology to insure the locations reported by the tag are accurate to room level. Competing technologies using WIFI often do not give room level accuracy, because the radio signals used in WIFI penetrate the walls of a room and so differentiating a location from one room to an adjacent room becomes problematic. In contrast IR beacon signals do not penetrate wall and so are confined to a room.

Self Healing Mesh Technology

Vyassoft uses IEEE 802.15.4 based mesh network of Beacon/Routers to transport the information from tag to the RTLS database server. This resilient mesh network automatically reroutes a information packet if some routers are removed/disabled and also if some paths become congested. All communication/information is encrypted for safety and confidentiality and also hardened against replay attacks.

Easy Installation: Plug and Play

The system is very easy to install and no new wiring is required. The Beacon/Routers are very small (about 3" x 1" ) and are plugged directly into any wall outlet available and thus can be installed without disruption to any ongoing activity. No site survey or any kind of calibration is necessary.

Cloud based central server

The RTLS central server which stores and serves the location/time and other information can be hosted in a cloud service eg. Amazon cloud service if needed. The communication packets and the information stored are all encrypted making the data confidential.

REST based web API

The RTLS server can be accessed by third party application through standard REST based web API, thereby allowing the Vyassoft RTLS system to be integrated with third party applications for asset management and clinical workflow management.

Extreme Battery Life

The Vyassoft RTLS tags are designed with thoughtful power cycle management technology, that a battery life of 7 years or more is expected under typical use. This reduces time and labor cost for battery replacements. This is especially of importance when hundreds of tags are to be managed.